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Ugly Betty is a television show that will forever live in our ’00s-loving hearts. That’s mainly because Betty taught us SO MANY life lessons, like how to chase after your dreams, how to stay true to yourself regardless of any and all judgement people throw your way, and how to be one badass #girlboss at work and in life.

The show aired from 2006-2010, and today the show celebrates its TEN YEAR anniversary. In honor of one of the best #girlpower TV shows in recent history, here are ten fun facts you may have never learned about the series…

1. The title of the original Colombian soap-opera that the show is based on is Betty la Fea.


2. MODE was an actual fashion magazine for plus-size women that folded in 2001.

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3. Marc and Amanda starred in a spin-off web-series called Mode After Hours, which features their shenanigans when all staff members have left MODE for the night.

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4. There is a copy of the novel The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on Betty’s nightstand at one point!

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5. Anna Wintour, long-time Vogue editor, is believed to have inspired the character Fey Summers.

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6. Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife, wore a necklace that inspired the pearl “B” necklace Betty wears.

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7. Amanda Tanen, the sassy receptionist, is named after an Ugly Betty production crew member and writer named Brian Tanen.

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8. America Ferrera was the first Latina woman to win an Emmy for lead actress (in 2007).


9. Adele appeared in the third season and sang “Right As Rain” during a MODE photoshoot.


10. America Ferrera kept Betty’s poncho and glasses when the show ended.


Tbh, we would too. Ugly Betty forever! <3