Emily Baines
August 04, 2016 5:45 pm

There are some cats so cute they break the Internet. Maru the box-jumping cat, for instance. Or Grumpy Cat, with his many book deals and news appearances. Lil Bub has a series of holiday videos. Well, we’ve now found the next internet sensation—Mister Bub Fuzzins!

Though Mister Bub Fuzzins was born with a cleft palette, that only adds to his adorableness. Look at that face! With 9,000 Instagram followers and growing, we can’t wait for Mister Bub Fuzzins’ inevitable book deal!

This is the face we make when someone tries to explain the housing crisis to us.

How we feel after a long day of work.

Work work work…snooze.

This is my safe place.

What’s for lunch?

This is my box!

Rub my belly!

Bub Fuzzins gives Maru a run for his box-fitting money.

What cat doesn’t like to sleep in the sun?

Thirsty kitty!

He’s so cute when he sleeps.

The face we make every morning.

Bub Fuzzins, design model.

Bub Fuzzins does not approve of this conversation.

This shade is only adequate.

What do you want?

Bub Fuzzins has quite the Christmas spirit.

Bub Fuzzins took some cues from Jabba the Hutt.