Becca Rose
September 02, 2017 5:49 pm

Who among us has not memorized the theme song to a favorite TV show? There are so many classics to choose from. But have we considered using theme songs for other purposes? Say, to score points with your significant other? Comedian Mike Recine took the theme song love a step further. He applied it to his IRL love life with hilarious results. Recine texted his girlfriend lyrics to the King of Queens theme song — and pretended it was a love poem he wrote just for her.

The crazy thing is it totally worked — and, of course, his tweet went viral.

Either his girlfriend was in on it, or she genuinely wanted to encourage his newfound poetry skills. Either way, the idea of quoting a theme song to your love interest as a “poem” is truly ridiculous. Which is probably why it’s so fun. And many other dudes tried it, too.

Mike took to Twitter to encourage others to see what happened when they put the King of Queens theme song lyrics to use.

And it worked really, really well for some of them.

Almost too well. Some of the girlfriends fell for it initially, but caught on quick.

And then there were those who were simply confused.

Call it a social experiment, or just call it hilarious. But we can’t stop wondering what other theme songs could be used for the purposes of brownie points? Some of us might have “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme memorized, but it doesn’t have quite the same romantic feel to it.

What do you think though: Would you have been duped by the King of Queens theme? Take a listen below and see if it would’ve refreshed your memory.

There’s “I’ll Be There For You” or “Thank You For Being a Friend,” but the chances of getting caught out with those lyrics are pretty high. Maybe we’ll just have to appreciate the lightning-in-the-bottle moment of this hilarity.