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It seems like Kim Kardashian cannot go a day without starting an online hunt for her opinions and views. As one of the most influential figures in today’s society, her recent statement about the upcoming election caused quite a stir.

Many interpreted a quote in which the star said she might be “On the fence” about her vote as possible support for GOP candidate Donald Trump, and this caused a lot of surprise.


Due to the huge outpouring of public opinion about her Wonderland interview, Kim Kardashian issued a statement setting the record straight about who she is going to be voting for in the upcoming election. She writes on her website:

Previously, news outlets reported that Kim Kardashian was going to be voting for Trump in the upcoming election. Many people were shocked to see that headline due to Kim’s usual support of mostly democratic candidates. Kim Kardashian explained on her website that she wanted to make the most educated decision she could, and that she conversed with many people in her life about it.

Most notably, she spoke with Caitlyn Jenner — an outspoken Republican and her former stepparent. This led to many believing that Kim was going to vote for Trump. Yet, Kim Kardashian only spoke with Caitlyn to get a better understand of what each candidate was willing to offer.

No matter what your political beliefs, make sure to register to vote this upcoming election!