As if her media empire weren’t enough, Kim Kardashian is searching for the next big name in beauty, and she’s doing it through the reality television. What’s more, this next big name could be you!

While it might be her sister Kylie Jenner, who seems like the family beauty guru — what with her own cosmetics line and all — Kim is also looking to expand her grasp on the beauty market. Not only has she teamed up with Kylie for her own lipstick KKW x Kylie Cosmetics, the mom of two is also a beauty icon, and has become known for her incredible makeup and bold looks.

Well, now Kim Kardashian is not only looking to expand her roles in the beauty world, she’s also growing her reality TV presence, too.

In an Instagram post shared yesterday (May 3rd), the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced that she had a new television venture: Glam Masters.

The show, which is a collaboration with Lifetime, will follow the search for the newest person to join Kim Kardashian’s glam empire.

“Each episode will feature four beauty bloggers who will go head-to-head to show they have the talent, charisma and vision it takes to be the next big name in the beauty world, all while facing expert judges who will critique every stroke of the contouring brush,” a description of the show reads. “The winner each week will qualify to advance to the semi-finals where the best will battle it out for one of three spots in the Tournament of Masters finale. In the end, only one of these beauty-obsessed bloggers will get to claim the title of Glam Master.”

“We are so excited to bring Kim’s trend-setting vision of style and beauty to television’s newest competition series,” said Liz Gateley, EVP and head of Lifetime programming. “The stakes couldn’t be higher with the chance to work with one of the most successful entrepreneurs and brands on the planet.”

In fact, given that the show has only just been announced, it seems that the contestants haven’t even been chosen yet. That means if beauty is your thing, you can totally apply — and here’s how!

On the Glam Masters website you can download and print off an application form. The form asks you to share things like which areas of beauty appeal to you, and which product you couldn’t live without, and it quizzes you about your about your relationship with makeup (“Are you a makeup artist, makeup enthusiast, beauty blogger/vlogger, or all of the above?”).

As Elle point out, the prize not only gets you into the inner circle with the Kardashian Klan, but you also get the coveted role of Beauty Director for the Kardashians’ apps, of which there are many.

No airdate has been announced for Glam Masters, but for your chance to compete, sign up here!