Jill Layton
Updated March 29, 2016
Instagram;Mert Alas /Instagram;Kim Kardashian

Kim K has been tagging a strange teenager on Twitter for no apparent reason, and people have noticed. And here’s what’s most likely going on.

So, Kim Kardashian is good friends with fashion photographer Mert Alas and is super into posting pictures of their adventures together whenever he’s in town.

Alas is originally from Turkey and works with huge celebs like Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc, etc, etc.

Kardashian has been tagging Alas in photos on Twitter — except there’s one problem. She keeps tagging the wrong Mert Alas. She doesn’t seem to notice the mixup, but the 17-year-old Mert Alas from Adana, Turkey definitely does.

Photographer Mert Alas’ Twitter and Instagram handle is @mertaIas with an I. And the innocent bystander Mert Alas’ Twitter handle is @mertalas with an L. Makes sense why that would be confusing.

This is Kardashian’s friend:

This is not Kardashian’s friend:

The wrong Mert Alas definitely doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

In fact, it seems like he may be taking her accidental attention a little too seriously.

Which means, “You’re going to get me in trouble with your husband.”

He even made an appearance in his local newspaper thanks to his brush with fame:

But Kardashian still didn’t notice:

After all was said and tagged, at least he’s grateful for the mixup: