We don’t write about Kim Kardashian West very often. Not that we have anything against her (we don’t) but stories about Kim Kardashian West tend to be gossipy and negative and gawking—and that’s just not what HelloGiggles is about. Kardashian West is a polarizing figure, she incites passionate reactions from fans and haters alike. But no matter what you think of her, you probably have to admit that the media gave Kim Kardashian West a body-shaming, rougher-than-anyone-deserves go (remember the Shamu comparison?) during her pregnancy with daughter, North. It was so bad that feminist icon Gloria Steinem publicly came to Kim’s defense. Body shaming of any person is not cool or OK, and it’s even worse when someone is struggling with a physical condition, like a pregnancy with scary complications. Now months into carrying her second child, Kardashian West spoke to C Magazine about her complicated journey of pregnancy in the public eye—addressing the preeclampsia she endured while carrying North, which contributed to swelling and weight gain—and how tough it was being constantly fat-shamed.

Of course, there are so many, many women who deal with the complications Kim lived with over the course of her pregnancies. But we don’t often talk about just what a complicated thing pregnancy can be, and we really do need women with platforms sharing their stories, because it really does normalize these issues and help other women going through the same things feel less alone. We completely acknowledge that Kim is something of a lightning rod figure, and we readily admit that we don’t always see eye to eye — still, we think her honesty is all kinds of important on these issues, and we’re grateful to her for being brave and opening up.


Image via Instagram