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Anna Gragert
March 07, 2016 10:50 am

Kim Kardashian West may not be trying to break the Internet (this time), but that doesn’t mean she’ll forego a nude selfie opportunity to showcase her body confidence.

Earlier today, according to People, the reality TV star took to both Twitter and Instagram to post a pic of her birthday suit – with her private parts censored. Kim K’s caption“When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”

When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) 7. März 2016

However, it seems that the image was not taken recently, despite the fact that many believe Kim to be showing off her post-baby body. Just six days ago, Kim posted a photo of her family watching The Brothers Grimsby with Sacha Baron Cohen. In the snapshot, she’s sporting her signature dark hair. Plus, her latest Insta post also shows her with blonde hair, but she mentions that it is a flashback photo. As you can imagine, Kim’s nude selfie was met with many negative responses. Responses that criticize Kim’s body, claim that she’s a terrible mother, and worse.

@KimKardashian hoe

— Saman (@itzSaman) 7. März 2016

But can Kim K just be a mom for 2 seconds. We’ve seen her bums already.

— Pomeroy (@Butch_Magness) 7. März 2016

I don’t & prolly never will understand what goes on in these damn celebrities minds… Cmon Kim K, you’re a mother & a wife now…

— T.J. (@xtjsmith) 7. März 2016

It’s a major bummer to see the kind of rude, vulgar responses Kim K received. Claiming a woman can’t be a good mother or partner because she’s owning her body and her sexuality perpetuates the constant slut-shaming so many women receive for doing just that. It’s amazing that Kim feels so comfortable in her skin — and it’s a shame that so many people are criticizing her for that.

But many supported the reality TV star and her choice to embrace and celebrate her bod. Some with humor…

Kim Kardashian should get those black rectangles on her body looked at. Probably nothing serious, but best to check.

— Dan (@ThatConnArtist) 7. März 2016

@KimKardashian did north post this for you again?

— #1 screen stan™ (@tyjosmigraine) 7. März 2016

@KimKardashian nice bathroom can you tweet more pics of it

— streetlights (@stephenniday) 7. März 2016

@KimKardashian more like when Kanye wants you to wear his clothing line

— S Dot King (@DieVerseCA) 7. März 2016

…And some with real sincerity, defending the celeb with positivity.

@MW_Cross @KimKardashian she’s just confident in her body and herself, let her be.

— lilly #FreeKesha (@survivorbutera) March 7, 2016

@YasminEvans @KimKardashian she’s just confident in her body, whats wrong to be confident? — dremonia1B (@deanfenses) March 7, 2016

@Ray20519366@YasminEvans and you should learn to mind their own business . She is the mother, she knows what to do about his daughter

— dremonia1B (@deanfenses) March 7, 2016

In the end, it’s Kim’s decision to post whatever pics of herself she wants to. You can’t say that she didn’t start a conversation.

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