After a six-year hiatus, Peaches is back with a boom. And Kim Gordon.

The ladies teamed up for Peaches’ first single off her forthcoming LP, “Close Up.” Directed by Vice Cooler, the video stars Kim Gordon as a nonchalant wrestling coach who can’t seem to get away from her vape pen. When it comes time to get in the ring, Peaches is ill-prepared to face off against a slew of hellish (and NSFW) characters.

According to Peaches, the video was inspired by a form of wrestling called Lucha VaVOOM, which combines elements of lucha libre with the bawdiness of burlesque dancing. Peaches said in a statement: “I’m fascinated by Lucha VaVOOM, the work they do, and by classic bro movies like Rocky; the relationships between coach and student and between men and their sports. For ‘Close Up,’ I wanted to combine the two, adding some little twists.”

Though Kim may have been nonchalant as Peaches’ wrestling coach (you can coach us any day, Kim!), she definitely brought her A-game in the studio. Listen for Kim’s ice-cold vocals in the chorus and peppered throughout the song.

“Close Up” comes as Peaches’ first single off of her forthcoming album, Rub. Aside from this incredible (and unexpected) Kim Gordon cameo, Peaches has also hinted at a Feist collaboration that we can’t wait to hear.

Now, try wrapping your head around this insane video. Remember, some of it is NSFW, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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