Lilian Min
September 03, 2016 12:41 pm
Kim Gordon /

On top of being an iconic musician and longtime arbiter of cool, Kim Gordon has also recently been making a name for herself as an artist. And now, fans have the chance to be graced with a flash tattoo of Gordon’s design if you’re in NYC for the NY Art Book Fair, this September 15-16.

As part of the weekend, the Gagosian Gallery has commissioned six artists to come up with flash tattoo designs, which will then be tattooed onto 36 lucky art fans. (Six bodies for each design.) These flash tatts, at $250 apiece, aren’t cheap, but unlike most simple geometric flash tatts, these are all rather artful:

Gordon’s design is the third in the GIF showcase above; the minimalist chair is pulled from her showcased art, and is a repeating motif in her work:

Of course, once the design fades away, it’ll still exist in Gordon’s work; in art books. But this particular chance is limited, and for those of us who are fans of ink and also fans of Gordon, as well as the five other artists featured, this is a chance that’s perhaps too good to miss out.