Kit Steinkellner
Updated August 01, 2015 5:21 am

It is a truth universally acknowledged that our teachers do not get NEARLY the respect/credit/appreciation/glory they deserve. That’s why, in an awesome bit of both comedy and wish fulfillment, Key & Peele devoted a sketch this week to this inspired what-if: “What if teachers were idolized like athletes and instead of ESPN’s ‘Sports Center’ there was a show entitled ‘Teaching Center’?”

Stories from “the exciting world of teaching” include news of teachers being paid tens of millions of dollars for being “star teachers,” a big-deal high school teacher draft broadcasting from Radio City Music Hall, and the celebration of a teacher’s “play by play” moves in the classroom. Oh, and then there’s a hilarious teacher car commercial that is a spot-on imitation of those overly-serious ESPN commercials.

Not only is this sketch a million laughs crammed into a few short minutes (and Key & Peele are always hilar as sports commentators), it’s also a sharp piece of commentary. We SHOULD live in a world where educators are treated like celebrities, we should pay inspirational teachers the big bucks for all the good they do for the world. This is one of those few situations where we super-wish the parody was real life.

Okay, video time!