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Whether or not you watched the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, chances are you’ve heard the name Ken Bone and caught a glimpse of his charming red sweater.

The guy became an overnight sensation, and so an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel this week was inevitable!

And even though he wasn’t there in person, that knit sweater looked even more perfect on the big screen.

Bone’s endearing attitude definitely came across during the debate — but Kimmel was able to tactfully pose the right questions and extract Bone’s dry sense of humor, along with his genuine shock that he’s become so popular — seriously, he has over 90,000 Twitter followers and climbing!

Whether Bone is talking about the mishap that happened with his original debate outfit — his grandfather’s olive suit — his fans (appropriately called Boneheads), what product he’d like to endorse with his newfound celebrity, or his introduction to Bill Clinton after the debate, Bone is literally the sweetest and most humble human.

He’s also super logical when talking about the current election cycle, and the reasons why he’s still an undecided voter.


He goes on to explain what issues are important to him.

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There’s something special about this Ken Bone, guys.


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