Alim Kheraj
Updated Apr 12, 2017 @ 1:10 pm

She might be known as one heck of a vocalist, but even Kelly Clarkson hits the wrong note, and the singer shared one hilariously relatable moment in the recording studio that’ll make you go, “me!”

Having just signed a new record deal, Kelly Clarkson is hard at work on the followup to her 2015 album Piece By Piece. As part of the recording process, the singer has been sharing home videos, whether it’s cute clips and photos of her and her family, letting her daughter try Nutella for the first time, sharing awesome cover versions, or just letting us know how she’s getting on in the studio.

In the latest clip from the studio, however, it seems that things didn’t quite go to plan. While recording, Clarkson has what can only be described as a huge vocal fail, and it’s absolutely hilarious!

In fact, the singer found the whole thing so hilarious that she suggests that her producer make a loop of the squeaky vocal noise, with both saying that it’d make a funny ringtone.

Clarkson finds the whole thing so funny that she ends up laughing on the floor.

LOL! There’s just something so relatable about how she thinks she’s going to nail it but then things don’t actually go to plan.

Last year, Kelly Clarkson opened up to People magazine about her new music, calling it “my favorite thing I’ve ever done.”

“It’s the first time I got to pick my label, because I just got out of my [American] Idol contract. I’ve been dying to make this record since Idol,she said, describing the music as “soulful urban pop.”

“It’s very much my personality,” she revealed. “I think it’s very much what people expected from me off of watching me on Idol. I sang all these Aretha [Franklin] things, I love Tina [Turner], I love Mariah [Carey], I love Whitney [Houston]. I think it’s very much what people expected in the first place. I love all my stuff that I’ve done but this is the record that has been in me since junior high. And that music from when I was in junior high is now coming back [into style] — like our 15-year-old listens to R&B that I listened to in high school.”

Hopefully, barring any more hilarious vocal fails, Kelly Clarkson’s new album will be released later this year.