The Build Series Presents Kelly Clarkson Discussing Her New Book "River Rose And The Magical Lullaby"
Credit: Jenny Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson just sat down with Ellen to talk about everything from her book deal with HarperCollins to walking out on a date when she was 18, giggling through the interview with oodles of natural charm and charisma. One of the (clearly many) things we admire about Kelly: she is not afraid to get real.

Clarkson glows as she talks about her young children and celebrates finally being “not pregnant” with a triumphant double fist in the air. After a quick slideshow featuring newborn baby Remi being cradled by two-year-old sister River, Ellen naturally asked the powerhouse vocalist if she plans on having more kids. Her response?

A resounding and shameless NO.

The American Idol winner went on to explain that her household is already full to the brim (her husband has two children from a previous marriage) and how four children is pretty much the tipping point.

Good for you, Kelly! In a society that tends to judge young mothers for feeling sad or overwhelmed by their responsibilities, it’s a powerful thing to guiltlessly own up to having some rough days. Little by little, we can break down the stigma of stressed moms being bad moms.

Of course the woman behind the power-ballad “Stronger” would know that.