We’re suckers for unexpected cover songs, but Kelly Clarkson flawlessly covering “Bye Bye Bye”? HOLY MILLENNIUM.

Last Tuesday, Kelly gave her Buffalo, NY audience the best surprise ever when she announced she’d be covering the N*Sync classic: “This is a throwback to our junior high days, and a lot of people in our crew are very excited about this,” Kelly said before channeling her inner JT.

“We do a fan request every show, letting someone in the audience pick a song for us to cover. It’s a lot of fun for me and the band because the shows can become monotonous, and this keeps us on our toes.”

As per usual, Kelly gave the song her powerhouse touch, transforming the pop classic into a smooth power ballad. Who knew “Bye Bye Bye” was capable of achieving such depth? Then again, Kelly Clarkson could probably sing out a list of bacterias and make it sound like it was written by divine forces.

This isn’t Kelly’s first time covering a tune on tour. She’s already crushed covers of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” Rihanna’s “Stay,” and Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”.

Her tour, Piece by Piece, closes out in Vancouver B.C. on October 17. If you can’t catch Kelly in person, this clip is sure to alleviate you of any concert FOMO.

Happy #TBT, friends.