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Are you by chance in your 30’s? If so, think back to your 20’s. They weren’t the greatest, right? Probably filled with life lessons, and perhaps a margarita-too-many on occasion. If you’re currently in your 20’s and are feeling the stress of trying to figure it all out, just know that that’s pretty common — it can be a super fun decade, but it’s also emotionally rough. And if Kelly Clarkson thinks this is true, it must be true. I mean, we knew Clarkson best when she was in her 20’s. She was 20 when she won the first season of American Idol!

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Now our fave singer is 34, and has a husband and children to look after — River Rose, and her new 5-month-old son Remy, to be specific, as well as two stepchildren. And supposedly the lessons she’s learned through motherhood have really helped put things into perspective for her.

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Huh. We totally get it, but don’t want her to forget that she penned the anthem of many heartbroken women, “Since U Been Gone”, during this timeframe. If anything, she made our 20’s a little easier with those powerful vocals!

The good news is, Clarkson thinks that things just get better and better the older you get.

So, whenever you’re feeling down or out-of-control at the age of 23, just remember — they can still be productive years. Just look at Kelly Clarkson.