Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 10, 2015 @ 11:40 am
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Something happened that made us REALLY happy, and we needed to share it with you guys, like immediately. First thing you need to know: our girl Katy Perry loves Girl Scout cookies. Specifically, she loves herself some Thin Mints. She is very open about her passion for the (pretty much perfect) snack—and she was particularly open about it last month as she prepped for her big Super Bowl performance.

It all started, as most awesome things do, with a tweet:

That gave the Hello Giggles team an idea: Let’s deliver a whole bunch of Thin Mints to our girl, and, thankfully, The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles had our back. In fact, they went above and beyond what we could have imagined.

Just before Perry’s Grammy performance this past Sunday, she got the best Thin Mint surprise EVER. Seriously, be prepared for the most amazing combination of Katy, cookies, and singing, because that’s exactly what happened.

A group of Scouts from the GSGLA paid Katy a visit in her dressing room just before she took the stage for her gorgeous performance. They had, in tow, a slew of Thin Mint boxes we ordered for KP and a whole lot of, well, adorable spirit. When they presented Katy with her surprise gift, she had the perfect response: “This is all I wanted in life.” We thought that was maybe the case.

After receiving a whole armful of boxes, she quickly became BFFs with all the girls—because they’re all awesome. As if this wasn’t the best thing already, the Girl Scouts then serenaded Katy with “Roar” for what was possibly the sweetest sing-a-long ever. This tugs on all our heartstrings, and we can’t thank the GSGLA enough for helping to make Katy’s night even more amazing! Cookies always make everything better. You rock just as much as Katy, Girl Scouts.

If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, you should totally consider volunteering with the GSGLA. They do amazing work everyday and we’re huge supporters of their efforts to empower young girls (we’re also huge cookie fans!).

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