When Safyre Terry lost her family in a fire, her whole life changed. The eight-year-old burn victim has not only adapted to life without her immediate family, but also her home and even a hand and foot. Despite all she’s lost, her one wish for the holidays was simple: she just wanted some Christmas cards.

When Katy Perry heard about Terry’s wish, she decided to take things one step further. Not only did this brave little soldier receive a handwritten note from the singer, but also a ton of Katy Perry-inspired gifts, which included a hoodie with ears, a backpack, Prismatic and Part of Me on DVD, an iPhone 6 case, and a black purse in the shape of a cat.

The personalized note was just another touch that proves Katy Perry is one of the sweetest celebs out there. It read:

Katy Perry’s surprise gifts, in addition to the other 500,000 cards and 10,000 packages Terry received, show just how much love is in the world, especially during the holidays. Let’s hope this spirit stays with us year-round!