Alim Kheraj
Updated Feb 23, 2017 @ 11:40 am

At yesterday’s BRIT Awards, Purposeful Pop singer Katy Perry gave another rousing performance of her political pop song “Chained To The Rhythm.” However, there was one moment in particular that has gripped the internet:

One of Katy Perry’s dancers fell off the stage dressed as a house, and people can’t handle it.

Following on from her Grammys performance, Katy Perry gave another charged political show of her new single, “Chained To The Rhythm,” yesterday (February 22nd), in which she took aim at the two leaders of America and the U.K.

Continuing the theme of the Grammy’s performance, Perry was joined on stage by a bunch of dancers dressed as white houses, and it’s one of these houses that has got people on the internet particularly excited.

In fact, the falling house has been named the new Left Shark.

Lot’s of people found the falling house pretty darn relatable.


Some even linked the falling house to the housing crises.


The dancing houses also had another hilarious moment after the performance, too.


Meanwhile, Katy Perry announced that she wasn’t planning to release her fourth album anytime soon.

“I’ve got something swirling, but, you know, I think I want to put out some songs first before I give them the full meal,” she said.