Bridey Heing
Updated July 24, 2015 5:40 am

We all love Katie Holmes. She’s great, and sweet, and she’ll always be Joey Potter in our hearts. But last night we learned that her word game skills leave a little something to be desired. How’d we figure that out? Well, she stopped by The Tonight Show to play “Say Anything” with Jimmy Fallon and she was kind of hilariously bad at it.

“Say Anything” is a simple game. Jimmy and his guest go back and forth saying random words, no repetition or hesitation allowed. When someone slips up, they get a piece of tape on their face. And last night, Katie wound up with a face full of tape.

Of course, she was a great sport about it and gave it her all. But Jimmy was super quick thinking on his feet, and hands-down won the game. To be fair, he probably plays a lot more than Katie. It is his show, and all.

“You should come back every week!” Jimmy says once he’s won a few rounds. We agree, Jimmy, and we’re sure she could take you in a rematch. Check out the clip below!

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