Kate the Wasp Talks to Abortion Protesters

Confession: when it comes to widely contested issues – abortion, gun control, gay marriage, for example – I’ve always taken the Tai from Clueless approach: “You are entitled to your own opinion, alright? I’m the tart here!” And then I spin on my heel and refill my glass of chardonnay. I’ve found myself doing this a lot when people debate abortion. That’s because:

1) I’m admittedly sheltered.

2) Nothing kills a chard buzz like debating my reproductive rights with someone* who doesn’t plan to marry me and help me clothe my children in monogrammed pinafores. (*This includes everyone, basically.)

3) I honestly believe in “You Do You” (my 2013 motto) — and that means, do whatever you want so long as you’re not going out of your way to hurt or harm others.

No. 3 was the motivayshe for visiting the Choices clinic in Queens. Outside of this clinic there are intensely pro-life advocates who are making their case to women to ‘choose life.’


Super heavy. I know. Here’s what I still don’t know: is this type of protest free speech or public shaming?

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