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A few years ago the super-delightful fact that Kate Middleton and Ellen DeGeneres are related came to light. The two aren’t long lost sisters or anything (we wish!) but they do share a common ancestor in Sir Thomas Fairfax, which makes them 15th cousins.

Which got us thinking: That Fairfax had some good genes, huh?

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In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Ellen extended an olive branch to her royal family member, saying, “So, if we’re related, we should start hanging out together.” And just in case Kate isn’t interested in being friends for friends’ sake (although we literally can’t imagine ANYONE who wouldn’t want to be friends with Ellen), Ellen sweetened the pot with an offer of freebies for Prince George:

“I saw that picture of Prince George in his robe with President Obama and I’m like, ‘I have a clothing line, I can give him clothes, I can make a special robe for him.’ I don’t know why they don’t want to get in good with me because I’m like a gravy train for that kid.”

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Royal or not, who’s gonna say no to that?

We just have one request: if Kate does take Ellen up on her offer, can we pretty please get in on that hangout sesh?