Winona Dimeo-Ediger
Updated Jul 21, 2016 @ 11:02 am
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Kate McKinnon
Credit: SNL/YouTube

The Republican National Convention has had plenty of drama, including a plagiarism scandal and Trump getting dissed and dismissed by Ted Cruz during what was supposed to be an endorsement speech, but you know what the convention hasn’t had enough of? Ruth Bader Ginsburg taking sassy shots at Donald Trump live from Cleveland.

Thankfully, the Notorious RBG has finally arrived at the RNC, in the form of a hilarious impression by SNL and Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon.

Kate showed up as the Supreme Court justice on the live “Weekend Update” segment MSNBC aired this morning. She was feeling feisty, too, doling out “Ginsburns” against prominent Republican politicians including Donald Trump, VP nominee Mike Pence, and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

There’s also a generous amount of victory dancing, y’all:

We love us some RBG and feel like Kate perfectly captures her swagger (maybe played up just a BIT).

In the midst of all the current political craziness, we will gladly accept a laugh in the form of a Supreme Court justice bumping and grinding on a confused news anchor.

Thanks, Kate. We needed that. Now, can you run for office?