Vrinda Jagota
August 04, 2016 10:05 am
Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While lamenting that she will never be a theoretical physicist in her recent New York Times interview, SNL star Kate McKinnon was just casually wearing cat socks. As she explained,

“I pride myself on being tragically uncool.I’m wearing cat socks right now. But I’m wearing them just for the utilitarian purpose of wearing socks.”

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Kate was recently in the new Ghostbusters remake, which featured a cast of all women, and which has subsequently faced much sexist and racist backlash from Internet trolls. She spoke about how her character was developed, saying,

“I just wanted to make a character who was very alien but so joyful and earnest and fascinated by the world that you would relate to her anyway. In the script, there were these moments where she would be talking so lackadaisically about an extraordinarily lethal piece of equipment.”

From her interview, it is apparent that, like the character she plays in Ghostbusters, Kate is an incredibly complicated person. On one hand, she’s totally down to earth and relatable, as someone who fangirls over Ruth Baider Gainsburg, feels like the only important thing she did in the last two weeks is talking to someone about getting window dressings, and, of course, unapologetically wears cat socks.

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On the other hand, it is hard to keep up with her. She has evolved thoughts on everything from her career trajectory to the ways in which comedy is “a very important branch of public intellectualism,” to why she plays such over the top characters.

She speaks in metaphors and subtle jokes, making it clear that she has an understanding of the significance of her work and of her talent. But, her sharp brain and quiet confidence are not so much alienating or intimidating, but rather, are inspirational.

Kate isn’t phased by coolness, or even by The New York Times. She is the kind of person we want as a best friend, the kind of person we hope we will one day be.