Credit: NBC / Getty Images

I think the world can agree that Kate McKinnon is everyone’s favorite crush. We thought she rocked Ghostbusters, she makes us laugh during the weekends on Saturday Night Live, and there’s just something about her that’s super relatable. So, of course we’re invested in her cat stories — and all of her stories, really.

Here’s a little bit of background on her cat:

Last night, McKinnon went on The Tonight Show and gave Jimmy Fallon a much-anticipated Nino update.

McKinnon put him on a small diet, but he’s still on the big side. Here’s a loving picture of the two of them together.

Credit: NBC

(Sidenote: Uh, Kate — you mentioned that the cat-holding sweater was a gift, but can you maybe share where you got it? Pet owners need to know.)

McKinnon also noted that Nino was a tad bit spoiled and ungrateful these days. For example, no matter what fancy toys he gets, he prefers to play with sink water. If you own a cat, surely you can relate to this statement.

(We wish that Twitter account was actually run by McKinnon, but the odds are unlikely. It’s still pretty funny, no matter what.)

Nino also wasn’t impressed with McKinnon’s recent Emmy win. Doesn’t he know what a big accomplishment that is? false

Kate, keep the Nino stories coming. You and your cat are quite the entertaining pair.