Taylor x Karlie
Credit: Instagram/Taylor Swift

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are just two of the cutest BFFs, constantly sharing selfies with each other on Instagram, bigging each other up on social media, and generally supporting each other through life (and makeup tips). It’s just the sweetest.

Recently it was Karlie’s birthday, and to celebrate Taylor shared the loveliest selfie of the pair, saying how Karlie was the kindest person. We can totally see that.

We totally love this picture of Karlie and Taylor at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show two years when Taylor debuted songs from her album, 1989.

It’s so cool to see two young women supporting each other with kindness.

We’re pretty sure that, like us, K&T would love to just spend all their time together. If we could just spend all day hanging out with our BFFs then we’re sure we’d be pretty happy (although, we might not be able to make our rent money).

While it might seem that celebrities get to just hang out a lot, in fact they have to work rather hard, and it often involves loads of travel. So, how do these two keep in touch with their crazy busy schedules?

Well, like all of us when we’re trying to keep in touch with our BFFs, they use FaceTime.

Writing on Twitter, Karlie said that she spent her 24th birthday with Taylor via FaceTime.

“When you’re halfway around the world & your best friend still finds a way to celebrate 24 with you 😘@taylorswift13,” she wrote.

Aww, this is SO cute.

Of course, when we’re FaceTiming our BFF, we’re usually in sweatpants eating ice cream lounging on our beds, not overlooking a beautiful sunset with some gorgeous flowers, but each to their own.

There’s something so calming about this picture, isn’t there. Perhaps it’s the cute look on Taylor’s face and her even cuter overalls, all matched with that beautiful sunset?

Regardless, it’s just so nice to see friends supporting each other and spreading love.