Sophia Elias
March 05, 2015 3:17 pm

If Kanye’s most recent projects (like “FourFive Seconds”) have been a little too watered-down for your taste, you may find “All Day” to be a bit more redeeming. After debuting a fiery performance of the song at last week’s Brit Awards, Kanye officially released a studio version of the track this week.

A far cry from the soft tinkerings heard on “Only One,” “All Day” is a heavy track with catchy schemes fit for a nursery rhyme (y’know, a very NSFW kinda nursery rhyme). It’s also Kanye rapping tighter (harder, better, faster, stronger) than we’ve heard in a long time. Both Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London are featured on the track as well. There’s even a Paul McCartney whistle solo spliced in at the end . . . for good measure. (Side bar, fully down with the McCartney/West bromance.) Song elements aside, “All Day” serves us a hopeful omen that his next album So Help Me God will be brim-filled with the best kind of Kanye brilliance. It does also feel Yeezus-esque and we say that as a strong positive.

Adding fuel to the creative fire, Kanye tapped 12 Years A Slave director, Steve McQueen to direct the song’s music video. Though we don’t know much, Kanye has hinted that the video will be “completely different from the Brit Awards.” Fair enough!

“It’s fun to work hard. We’re being inventive,” Kanye told Zane Lowe in a recent interview about this pending album. “The College Dropout came out of a fight to rap. This new album is coming out of a fight to design.”

Although there’s no official release date for the album, Kanye hinted that the album was “80 percent done” back in February. Anyone else sense some sort of surprise release coming? In the meantime, check out the (NSFW) track.

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