Brittany Malooly
Updated Jul 27, 2016 @ 1:13 pm
CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" Celebrates 200th Episode - Arrivals
Credit: Angela Weiss/WireImage

All right, gang. It’s Wednesday. We’ve been working hard. Who needs a cute animal video break?! (Yeah, us too.)

Now behold: A video of The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco (a noted animal lover) showing some love to one of her adorable horses named Netty.

Kaley captioned the video, “#netty is the best kisser! She melts my heart! 💋” (Kaley’s heart isn’t the only one melting because of Netty, that’s for sure!)

Soooo precious! Kaley clearly LOVES her horses, which would explain why she’s been riding for over 10 years! “I took my first riding lesson at 15,” Kaley told Self. “And I’ve ridden almost every day since.” Now that’s some dedication!

In fact, Kaley has an entire SQUAD of horses. Her crew includes Netty, Poker Face, Zara, Bella, Thor, and Santos. (There may even be more.) “They are my everything,” Kaley explained, making our hearts swell like no tomorrow.

Even Kaley’s boyfriend – professional equestrian Karl Cook – got some love from Netty! (Is there such a thing as too much cuteness?)

Ultimately, we love it when you post about your animal babies, Kaley! Especially when adorable pics and vids are involved.

Also – we are 100% Team Netty and Kaley Forever. <3