Karen Belz
August 29, 2016 1:43 pm
Briana Cuoco / www.instagram.com

Kaley Cuoco has been known for a bunch of roles, but the one that’ll last forever is “big sister.” A few years older than her sister, Briana, the two have remained tight even though they both have hectic schedules.

Briana, an actress as well as a singer, was once on The Voice and was totally Christina Aguilera-approved.

And of course, Kaley has starred in shows like 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory. So, uh — with pipes like Briana’s, and acting talent like Kaley’s, it makes sense that these two aren’t often in the same room, at the same time these days. That means that when they do get to hang out, it’s quite special.

Just check out the incredible Cuoco sister reunion Kaley posted on Instagram.

Finally!! Sidder!!!!” Kaley writes, followed by a bunch of hearts.

Now, Kaley and Briana (both stunning) have their own individual look going on. Except for one aspect. Can you figure it out?

The answer: Their smiles are absolutely identical.

Kaley Cuoco / www.instagram.com

It’s crazy how genetics work, but totally sweet when you see it in action. Both Cuoco sisters have an absolutely perfect grin.

Speaking of Instagram, Kaley’s been absolutely killing it on the social media site recently. Not only is it chock-full of pictures and videos of Ruby (that cute pup in the center of the Cuoco sisters), but she’s also a big fan of behind-the-scenes photos. Not only did she recently post a touching tribute to her show 8 Simple Rules, but she’s also been loading up her feed with group pictures of The Big Bang Theory cast.

And yes — many of them do include the famous Cuoco smile.