Eight months ago, Kabang was outside with her humans when a speeding motorcycle almost hit her owner, 9-year-old Dina, and her 3-year-old cousin Princess. Kabang jumped in front of the girls and was hit. The impact of the motorcycle severely damaged her face and her projected chance at survival was none. The family had rescued Kabang when she was a puppy and refused to follow the suggestion of the City Pound to have her euthanized.

Her owner said he felt that Kabang was "raised like one of my children and her instantaneous action was triggered by her closeness to them." They tried to care for the the best they could in the Philippines and after giving birth to a litter, surviving heart worms and cancer, she was flown to California where she received medical care and months of rehab to save her life

Well, Kabang is doing great and was returned home where she was met at the airport by paparazzi and well wishers.

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