The perfect way J.K. Rowling just said “Happy Birthday” to Snape

Severus Snape is a polarizing character in the world of Harry Potter. His nuanced, complex psychology of bullying behavior and heroic actions has frequently brought creator J.K. Rowling into the fray as she attempts to help her readers better understand the man behind the emo haircut, something she acknowledged this week.

On January 9th, Snape’s birthday (ooh, he’s a Capricorn? This explains a lot) Rowling took to Twitter to wish him a happy happy in the best way possible- with sincerely mixed feelings.

The author is, of course, poking fun at the rather noisy disagreements of her fandom about the character, in which she has frequently stoked the flames simply by clarifying concepts about her grumpiest character.

If we know anything about modern fandom, it’s that fans don’t always accept a work’s creator as an authority; shippers explode into rage when one of their favorites gets paired with someone else, authors are berated for not working on the preferred schedule of their fans. Rowling is admirable for continuing to engage with her devoted fans through social media, but it’s a little unfortunate to see one of the world’s best loved authors have to temper her own opinions on her character in order to not infuriate the fans of a world she created.

Still, Severus Snape, ever the contrarian, wouldn’t be likely to approve of the chaos. Though we’re betting he’d prefer it to anyone dropping off a birthday balloon bouquet in his dungeon.

(Image via Warner Bros)

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