Credit: YouTube/The Ellen Show

So you may or may not have seen the current #1 movie Doctor Strange (if you haven’t, you really should!), but regardless — you’ll likely appreciate this healthy dose of amusement from Ellen and her partner in crime.

Entertainment Weekly let us know that Justin Timberlake and Ellen spoofed Doctor Strange…with Strange Doctor!

Seriously, this might be even better than the time Benedict Cumberbatch answered who Doctor Strange would side with in Captain America: Civil War, or how he bends time and space in the movie! Here’s Ellen’s description of this amazingness:

Poor Ellen, this strange doctor is a teensy bit too close!

She has a right to be concerned!

We love how Timberlake totally embraced the weirdness that was this sketch. And of course, we love every subtle facial expression Ellen ever makes (seriously, she’s the queen of pitch perfect, understated comedy).

So, would you watch more of that movie? Because, ummmm, sign us up. Oh, Ellen.. ACTUALLY, can you spoof every blockbuster movie? Preferably with JT at your side? Thanks!