Kathryn Lindsay
Updated March 28, 2016
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Another day, another picture of Justin Bieber‘s butt breaking the Internet. The 22-year-old singer casually posted a photo of himself standing naked in front of a lake on Saturday, Page Six reports, and the Internet immediately exploded because, well, Justin Bieber’s butt.

This isn’t the first time the Biebs has bared all for the cameras. He appeared totally nude on the cover of Clash Magazine this February and posted another naked butt pic back in July, but ended up explained he deleted it when “someone close to me’s daughter” saw his naked derriere and got embarassed.

This most recent nude photo comes on the heels of a lot of controversy involving Kim Kardashian posting a nude selifie and getting some flak for it. Modern Family star Ariel Winter addressed this double standard back when Kim’s photo hit the Internet:

Ariel also brought the issue up when she appeared on Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O:

We have to agree with Ariel here: Everybody should be allowed to post pictures of their butts — or whatever else — if it makes them happy. And if we don’t want to see pictures of butts, then we don’t have to look! So post whatever you want, Kim and Biebs. The moral of the story is: butts are funny.