Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 20, 2015 @ 3:58 pm
Justin Bieber In Concert At The MGM Grand

Earlier today, Comedy Central announced that they’re planning another of their classic Comedy Central Roasts. I mean, who doesn’t love a good, cringe-worthy Comedy Central Roast? They’ve roasted some great comedians before, like Jeff Foxworthy, Bob Saget, and Joan Rivers. They’ve roasted a few non-comedians, like Donald Trump and once Pamela Anderson (really, it happened in 2005). Last year, Comedy Central roasted James Franco and it was pretty great because James Franco is great — and a good sport. This year, they’re completely changing things up and roasting . . . Justin Bieber?

Yup. The Biebs.

OK, a few thoughts about this.

Justin Bieber is the easiest person to make fun of on this planet

Sorry to all those Beliebers out there, please don’t come after me on Twitter, but it’s true. He’s basically a sitting duck right now, especially after that Calvin Klein underwear shoot that dropped last week. Is there a person out there who actually took that campaign seriously and thought to themselves, “yes, this is a very good underwear campaign, I should buy some Calvin Kleins?” Or, have we all gone in the opposite direction and thought, “how many ways can I make fun of this shoot, because literally everything about it is the funniest?” I’m going with option B (for Bieber).

Besides, everyone is already making fun of The Biebs

Does he really need his own Roast when every day is filled with some sort of Bieber drama followed by a mini Internet roast session? I’m not just talking about outlets like SNL making fun of him (SNL BTW had a total field day when Bieber egged his neighbor’s house) There just isn’t a news cycle that goes by where someone doesn’t have something to say about Bieber and his antics, his wardrobe, his Instagrams, his everything. Shouldn’t we think about conserving some jokes for future generations? What will we leave for the children?

Doesn’t this feel kind of, I don’t know, mean?

Listen, I totally love a good joke. But I really want my jokes to be well crafted, and perfectly executed — especially when they’re coming from the Comedy Central stage. The idea of a Bieber roast brings on the scary feelings that we’re heading into just straight up nasty territory. There’s a big difference between making a joke about someone that they’re laughing with vs. making jokes about people who we are laughing at. HUGE difference. I may not be a diehard Bieber fan, but I really don’t want to watch a group of people be mean to him, or anyone for that matter. That’s not nice.

And, verdict is still out on how well Bieber will take the joke(s)

I’m only going off of what I know (and no, I do not know him personally, though I did see him in a parking lot once). From what I can gather about the lad, while he’s game for some jokes, he might not find all the mockery funny. This analysis is based off of some really scientific research that I did. Kate McKinnon’s SNL spoof of Bieber this weekend was really on another level of hilarity. His response? “Lol.” Not even up upper case LOL, or a HA HA HA or a ROTFL, just an Lol. But then again, at least he responded positively?

To be 100% transparent, a Comedy Central rep told Ryan Seacrest’s site that “Justin has been asking us for years to roast him, so we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened.” But like, is that a joke? Has the roast already begun?

Well, I guess Bieber does seems kinda OK with this idea

After the news broke, Bieber took to Twitter to let us know that he was actually excited about it:

I guess the Comedy Central statement was true!

Verdict is still out on this whole sitch. Honestly, what’s been great about all the other past Comedy Central Roasts is that the friends of the roasted have come up and completely let loose. Like, Seth Rogan roasting his BFF, James Franco. Or, John Stamos roasting his pal Bob Saget. Or Jason Alexander roasting William Shatner, which is an epic combination. Who’s going to be in charge of the Bieber roast? Will all hell break loose? Help me, Bieber Nation, I want to understand. Tell me what to feel.

Regardless, the special will air on Comedy Central on March 7th, and you can imagine what we’ll all be doing that night.

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