When Jurassic World hit theaters earlier this summer, many were asking one question: What’s with the heels? Bryce Dallas Howard’s footwear in the film caused a stir, with lots of folks wondering if it was realistic for a female character to save the day in pumps. Others saw her choice of footwear as an empowering statement and totally in-character, including Howard herself. And although we never got a final, definitive answer to the question of the heels, we do now have an ah-mazing parody video.

YouTube user XVP Comedy uploaded this “new” Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition box set trailer, which puts, “the one thing you loved from Jurassic World into the entire series.” Ever wanted to see Jeff Goldblum rock knee-high Kinky Boots-esque footwear? Well, here’s your opportunity!

How about Bob Peck in animal print?

Even the dinos get in on the footwear fun.

It’s pretty epic, and a whole lotta ridiculous.

These are the moments when we love the Internet with all of our soul.

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(Images via YouTube)