Alim Kheraj
January 31, 2017 4:28 am
Columbia Pictures

All our movie dreams are coming true as it’s been reported that Julia Roberts and Viola Davis (!) are set to star in an adaptation of Jodi Picoult’s moving and important novel, Small Great Things. 

According to a report in Deadline, Roberts and Davis, who previously worked together on Ryan Murphy’s sprawling adaptation of Eat Pray Love, based on the memoir of American author Elizabeth Gilber, have both signed up to the movie, which is being helmed by La La Land producer Marc Platt. Davis’s addition to the movie comes just days after her win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in Fences, where she became the first woman of color to win three awards.

Picoult’s latest novel, Small Great Things, is also a timely story that feels pretty darn relevant to today’s society.

The novel deals with race relations, and focuses on the story of Ruth, a delivery nurse and war widow who looks after newborns, but is informed that she cannot assist or even touch the newborn baby of a white supremacist couple. However, when the couple’s baby dies and Ruth is the only member of staff present, she is taken to court.

Speaking to The Guardian about the novel last year, Picoult pointed out that the book was also semi-based on a true story, and that she felt that the novel’s themes were pretty darn relevant what is going on in America today.

Following the announcement, Picoult, whose novel My Sister’s Keeper was adapted as a movie that starred Cameron Diaz in 2009, sent her thanks to Viola Davis for signing up for the project.

While there’s not yet a screenplay for the movie, we’re pretty sure that this is going to be one spectacular and important story, and we’re glad that such talent as Julia Roberts and Viola Davis, who is heavily tipped to pick up the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress on February 26th.