Kit Steinkellner
Updated Jul 12, 2015 @ 10:03 am

What would Comic Con be without some news from the King of the Nerds himself, Joss Whedon?

This weekend, the man that brought us Buffy, Firefly, and Doctor Horrible announced that he’s got a new comic coming down the pipeline with Dark Horse Comics (who also publish the Buffy comics, so clearly the relationship is working out), entitled Twist.

“It’s a Victorian thriller about a meek chambermaid who is fed to a dark horror — but instead of dying, she returns, with knowledge, power, and rage she can neither deny nor control,” Whedon explained in a statement via Dark Horse.

So, Dark Willow meets the Charles Dickens episode of Doctor Who? Whedon, you know us too well. This sounds like an INSANELY cool project (and a property super-primed to be developed into a badass movie or binge-worthy TV show).

So what’s the status on the comic? As Entertainment Weekly reports, the comic will launch as a six-issue mini-series. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but the premise alone is enough to have us X-ing off the days on our wall calendars, until we finally get our Twist fix.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with this teaser image that Dark Horse released.

We know, we know, we want to devour it all right-this-second-now too. Patience, pretties, patience, our time will come.


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