the princess diaries
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Back in 2001, if there was one movie character we collectively loved and later despised, it was Josh Bryant from The Princess Diaries. I mean, he only invited Mia to the Baker Beach Party after he found out she’s royalty and then turned into a *total* jerk when the paparazzi caught them hiding away in that little shack.

Basically, we wish Mia hit him again before running off to join Michael at the garage:

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Thankfully, 15 years have passed and we’ve finally forgiven Josh for being a royal fool (we have to admit, it totally helped the process along when Mia later hit him with that baseball). Now, we’re able to look at Erik Von Detten – the actor who played Josh – without disdain as we wonder what he’s up to nowadays.

Well, the verdict’s in: He’s turned into a lovable, dad-like figure.

Credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Okay, so those aren’t his kids. They’re actually his niece and nephew, who tagged along to join their uncle at the celebration for Disney’s 100th original movie. Yet – Erik still has the presence of a dad, right? Just look at his hands on their shoulders! That’s a total dad move.

Oh! And here he is playing Barbie on his sister’s Instagram:

Back to the whole Disney Channel original movie thing – remember when Erik starred in the in-line skating film Brink!?

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Oh – and he also voiced Toy Story’s Sid (this is going to take some time to process):

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Alright, so Erik is really good at voicing bullies. The evidence: He was the voice actor chosen for the role of Erwin Lawson (the school bully on Recess).

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Though he doesn’t seem to be acting (or voice acting) these days, we think it’s safe to say that Erik will always be Disney’s golden child.