Anna Gragert
August 18, 2016 12:34 pm
Walt Disney Pictures

Back in 2001, if there was one movie character we collectively loved and later despised, it was Josh Bryant from The Princess Diaries. I mean, he only invited Mia to the Baker Beach Party after he found out she’s royalty and then turned into a *total* jerk when the paparazzi caught them hiding away in that little shack.

Basically, we wish Mia hit him again before running off to join Michael at the garage:

Walt Disney Pictures

Thankfully, 15 years have passed and we’ve finally forgiven Josh for being a royal fool (we have to admit, it totally helped the process along when Mia later hit him with that baseball). Now, we’re able to look at Erik Von Detten – the actor who played Josh – without disdain as we wonder what he’s up to nowadays.

Well, the verdict’s in: He’s turned into a lovable, dad-like figure. 

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Okay, so those aren’t his kids. They’re actually his niece and nephew, who tagged along to join their uncle at the celebration for Disney’s 100th original movie. Yet – Erik still has the presence of a dad, right? Just look at his hands on their shoulders! That’s a total dad move. 

Oh! And here he is playing Barbie on his sister’s Instagram:

Back to the whole Disney Channel original movie thing – remember when Erik starred in the in-line skating film Brink!

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Oh – and he also voiced Toy Story’s Sid (this is going to take some time to process):

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Alright, so Erik is really good at voicing bullies. The evidence: He was the voice actor chosen for the role of Erwin Lawson (the school bully on Recess). 

Walt Disney Pictures

Though he doesn’t seem to be acting (or voice acting) these days, we think it’s safe to say that Erik will always be Disney’s golden child.