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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s upcoming movie, The Night Before, has a lot of cameos, including one from pop diva Miley Cyrus. No spoilers, but the two perform a rendition of “Wrecking Ball” together in the film, and when Gordon-Levitt sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night, he wanted to know what it was really like to work and perform with Cyrus and her unpredictable nature.

The two have a special bond from both being child actors. Cyrus got her start on the Disney channel with the unforgettable Hannah Montana, and Gordon-Levitt in movies like A River Runs Through It and Angels In The Outfield. Despite all that attention from a young age, both have turned out super successful, and are doing great things with their careers.

You can see them in action in The Night Before when it hits theaters tomorrow, but for now, you can hear all about their on-screen ditty in the clip below:

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