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While it’s incredibly uncomfortable to watch Game of Thrones‘ scenes of mutilating and the murdering and pillaging, it’s almost more difficult at times to watch Jorah, this revered warrior, follow Daenerys Targaryen around like a sad, spineless little puppy dog week after week. But in an interview with the Daily Beast, Iain Glen, who plays Jorah, gives us some insight into Jorah’s undying adoration.

“He’s always hugely admired her and known that she would be a benign leader of people,” Glen explains. “But then there’s always been this other side to him that understands she’s beyond his knowledge. She possesses things that are so extraordinary, they can’t really be spoken of. So in that moment, [at the end of season one when Dany first showed her fire-immunity], I think he was probably reminded as to why he’s decided to dedicate his life to this woman and how right he is to do that.”

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All right, all right. I get it. She’s pretty amazing.

He also talked about the future of Jorah and Dany, especially after their reunion during this last episode.

“He told her, even as she sent him away [in Season 5,] that he loves her. He said it, she knows. You almost needed that breath away from our story, between Daenerys and Ser Jorah, to see the separation and sort of again understand his need and, perhaps, her need.”

Wait, “her need”? What is he saying? Is Dany going to fall in love with Jorah? WHAT?!

Regardless of what happens, Iain Glen can’t help but gush about his experience on the show, even if his character regularly experiences a painful dose of unrequited love:

“It’s sort of changed all our lives for the good. I’m hugely grateful, really. The show is bigger than any single person within it. It just fills me with excitement every year at the prospect of reading those scripts and going back to work and getting into that costume again and hanging out with the same people.”

What’s going to happen next, Iain?! The suspense is killing us!

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