Alim Kheraj
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 5:39 am
Credit: Warner Bros.

While the film might not have wowed critics, however, it’s still proven a massive box office success, taking $135 million over the weekend, making it the biggest August box office opener ever.

Credit: Warner Bros.

We’re already totally involved with the Suicide Squad fandom, and so it seems are YouTube channel PlayShip.

The channel is dedicated to playing around with fandoms and fanfiction, and they create crazy cool mashup videos of all of our favourite things. There are Harry Potter and Star Wars mashups and Frozen and Star Wars mashups, and they rock.

Now the gang have given their hand at creating a Suicide Squad video, but this time they’ve played around with gender, too. Switching things up, we now see The Joker being played by a woman and Harley Quinn, or should that now be Charley Quinn, being played by a man.

The video was created in conjunction with fellow YouTube channel Geek & Sundry, and we have to say we’re super impressed. We love the gender swapping of the characters, and it’s cool to see fandoms trying different mediums to express their love of something.

In fact, we’d pretty much love to see videos of all our favourite movies and TV shows gender swapped just to see what it’s like. Can you imagine if James Bond was a woman, or Harry Potter had been trans?

Maybe we should start our own fanfiction…

Credit: Warner Bros.