Kathryn Lindsay
May 20, 2016 9:58 am

They say history repeats itself, and these old photos of Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber might have just proved it. Fifty-two-year-old Johnny Depp appeared on Ellen on Thursday to discuss his long-standing music career, which has always happened as a secondary career to his acting. He tells Ellen that he started playing gigs in bars when he was just 13, prompting her to pull up an old picture that looks just like another pop star we know.

Those cheekbones! That hair!  They even have the same smoulder going on. Could Justin Bieber really be Johnny Depp all over again?

“He just looks like he might be a little cleaner than me,” Johnny commented.

“No, he’s not,” Ellen replied cheekily. “I love Justin, he’s my friend. But he’s not.”

Ellen and Justin have been friends ever since he first appeared on her show back in 2009:

Almost seven years later, they’re still buds:

Okay let’s wrap our brains around this for a second. Does all this mean that, right now, another Justin Bieber/Johnny Depp doppelgänger is being born? We certainly wouldn’t say no to more swoon-worthy swoopy-haired musicians, although maybe Justin/Johnny III could lead a slightly less eventful life. Justin has had his ups and downs, and Johnny’s life hasn’t been entirely tabloid-free either. Just last month, Johnny and his wife Amber Heard had to apologize for failing to declare their dogs when traveling to and from Australia.

Perhaps a crazy life is the price you have to pay for being young and talented and …twin-like.

Watch Johnny Depp’s interview below!