Sammy Nickalls
April 06, 2016 4:38 am

One of the hardest parts of being a teen is, undoubtedly, getting your driver’s license. Sure, driving around the neighborhood is no problem, but parallel parking is a whole other story — and having a parent teach you how to do it can be nothing short of frustrating. Well, imagine having to learn with your dad on national TV! That’s exactly what Ella Travolta had to do when John Travolta and Ellen Degeneres had her learn to parallel park on Ellen Tuesday.

Ella was innocently in the audience with her mom, Kelly, watching John chat with Ellen. . . only to be called upon by Ellen and drilled about her dating life. “I don’t interfere with that,” John interrupted, being a typical embarrassing dad. “And I’m saving her because she has two guys that she hangs out with and I don’t ask her anything about what they say or do with each other.”

As if that’s not enough to deal with, Ella was then ushered on stage and told she was going to have to parallel park in Ellen’s car.

“Why don’t we do that today? Why don’t we ask you to parallel park today?” Ellen asked. “She can drive my car. . . because also, I can sue him.”

Yeah, uh, well — that’s because it’s not exactly the *best* car for learning.


So Ella was put to the test, driving the longest car in the WORLD, called upon to park in a relatively small space nestled between two other cars, with her father and Ellen in the backseat cheering her on. (Or at least John was — Ellen seemed a bit stressed.)


“Wait, is it on?” Ella said, to which Ellen responded, “. . . On?!”

But then, Ella managed to get the car running, and John encouraged her on. “There you go, honey,” he cooed. “See that? She’s a genius. . . Look at this, look at my genius girl.”

She seemed to be doing pretty darn well. . .


. . . until she (understandably) underestimated the SHEER LENGTH of the car, and Ellen decided that she couldn’t take all the pressure and got outta there.


Oh gosh. Check out the full video below and be prepared to be taken back to those stressful days of learning how to parallel park.