Kathryn Lindsay
September 08, 2015 6:09 am

Last Week Tonight might be on a brief hiatus, but that doesn’t mean you can stop John Oliver from dropping some truth bombs. The show posted a web exclusive over on YouTube just in time for back to school season, and it gets real.

In an attempt to teach students everything they need to know before the first bell even rings, John Oliver takes it one class at a time. For instance, math? Don’t need it. Just make sure you can add, subtract, divide and multiply, and you’ve got everything you need for the real world.

History gets an equally cursory treatment, but John makes an important (and hilarious) point about American ethnocentrism:

When it comes to biology and chemistry, there’s not much of note, except for the smell of the frog embalming fluid which will haunt you for life.

Then there’s English, John’s favorite subject. He gives us a quick overview of the classics—aka, who died. Therefore, you should be warned that there are spoilers ahead. Romeo and Juliet are gonezo, same with Gatsby, and the American dream? Forget about it.

Sounds like we could have finished school a lot faster if John had been our teacher, but it’s those experiences that make this video so relatable. Anyway, the most important lesson starts September 13th, with the return of Last Week Tonight on HBO. Until then, you can watch this video over and over again.

(Image via YouTube)


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