John Legend
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Despite it only being Monday morning, we’re already feeling a lot of feelings because we’ve just seen John Legend’s video for “Love Me Now” and it stars Chrissy Teigen, baby Luna, and loads of other scenes of love. Basically, it’s so darn beautiful.

John had previously teased the fact that Chrissy and Luna would be appearing in the video, but now that we’ve seen the whole package we have to say that it’s pretty spectacular. John has previously spoken about how having Luna has made him want to do more good in the world, and now the video for “Love Me Now” sees him acting upon that.

In a post on Instagram, John Legend explained the concept behind the video and it’s totally inspiring.

Explaining how the clip was all about showcasing the different elements of love, John totally has us crying right now.

Continuing, John went on to explain that in these difficult times we need more love in the world. Writing how he finds love in his family, he also said that it’s important to look at those who are different from us and show love to them, too.

Isn’t this video just magnificent? We’re so moved by John’s beautiful message and the fact that he’s decided to dedicate his work to others and to help spread a message of love. What’s more, we LOVE seeing more cute scenes with Chrissy and Luna…they truly are the perfect family.

It’s so wonderful and inspiring to see someone promoting diversity and love, and we’re so thankful to John Legend for helping spread such joy in a time where things can seem a little dark.

“Love Me Now” is the first single to be taken from John Legend’s new album, Darkness and Light, which is released on December 2nd. You can pre-order the album now.