Alim Kheraj
November 24, 2016 2:28 am

As if we needed anymore reasons to love John Legend, the singer has shared the true emotional stories of the IRL couples featured the video for “Love Me Now” and now we’re getting all emotional.

Earlier this month, the John Legend announced his new single “Love Me Now” and his fifth album Darkness & Light, which is due for release December 2nd. What’s more, the singer also teased the emotional video for the song, which looked set to feature both his partner Chrissy Teigen and their adorable daughter, Luna.

Of course, the video itself didn’t disappoint. In fact, it made us feel pretty emotional, too.

The video features real couples from around the world.

Now John Legend has shared the honest stories for each of the couples and it’s just so beautiful.

Firstly, he shared the story of Miles and LaDonna.

He then shared the story of Abdulrahman and Zeren from Syria.

He then told the tale of Nata and Julissa and their lives in the backstreets of Cabarete Town, Dominican Republic, an impoverished neighborhood of Dominicans and Haitians known as “La Cienega.”

Finally, he told the story of Norman Casiano and Ryan Cunnington from Orlando, Florida.

John also thanked the director of the video, Nabil Elderkin, for capturing these tender moments between the couples.

We don’t know about you, but all of this is hitting us right in the feels. It’s so incredible to see so many people overcoming adversity and finding love in the darkest of spaces. We’re really glad artists like John Legend are using their platform to share such emotional and important stories.