Elizabeth Entenman
August 07, 2015 7:01 am

If you haven’t noticed, we at HelloGiggles kind of have a thing for John Green. We’ve read all of his books cover to cover multiple times, and are loving the movie adaptations that bring his stories to life. First we swooned over The Fault in Our Stars. Then we fell in love with Paper Towns. Now, our John Green movie trifecta of awesomeness is rounding out with Looking for Alaska. And finally, there’s some new news on the film!

It was just announced that the film will be shot by Paramount Pictures in Michigan. (For those playing along at home, the book takes place at Culver Creek Preparatory High School in Alabama.) What exactly does that mean for the movie? Well, last month, House Bill 4122 was signed, which did away with incentives for filming in the state of Michigan. So, that kind of sucks, right?

But wait! Looking for Alaska was approved to be filmed in Michigan before the bill was signed, so it will receive incentives after all. In fact, the film is eligible to receive over $7 million from the Michigan Film Office, which will help hire local Michigan cast, crew, extras and vendors. High five for boosting the local economy! Is there anything John Green can’t do?

Over the next few weeks, the crew will begin to nail down filming locations. Then production will begin in the fall. The Looking for Alaska screenplay was written by the same folks who adapted The Fault in Our Stars for the big screen, and the film will be directed by Rebecca Thomas. Everything is coming together! It’s all happening! Until then, we’ll be on the edge of our seats for more movie deets.


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