Sammy Nickalls
Updated August 07, 2015 11:13 am

Every Harry Potter fan knows that Horcruxes are evil and awful and terrible, and that NO self-respecting witch or wizard would ever split their soul. So obviously, JK Rowling wouldn’t do such an awful thing. That being said. . . if she did create a Horcrux, she’d do it in the most British way possible. Like, seriously.

Today, Twitter user @im_from_spain tweeted at J.K. asking her what object she would use if she were to create a Horcrux. And her response was perfect, as per usual. “I would never, ever have a Horcrux,” she tweeted, quoting the original tweet. “They are evil objects created through despicable means!”

But then, enclosed in parentheses, she added the most British words in existence: “Possibly a teabag.”

Nope, J.K.’s Horcrux wouldn’t be a hidden piece of Hogwarts history, nor would it be an ancient artifact hidden in the depths of the Forbidden Forest. It wouldn’t even be magical. . . it would be a teabag. Meaning that any Muggle could steep said teabag in a mug of hot water and accidentally enjoy a delightful cup of JK’s soul. (Would that Muggle then BECOME JK? Wait, is this the way we can finally become JK Rowling?!) Turns out tea has been on J.’s mind lately, as she’s been responding to tweets an awful lot, always bringing the subject back to her fave hot beverage. It all started when a fan promised to be her own personal tea-maker if she would divulge any deets about her upcoming film that we’ve all been SO excited over, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

But, of course, always with a generous dose of her characteristic wit:

Don’t mess with JK when it comes to tea. She wants her cup o’ soul to be prepared the RIGHT way, thank you very much.