Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 03, 2015 @ 12:13 pm

Attention all muggles: this is your J.K. Rowling mini-series alert. If there’s anyone out there who dove right into Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter fiction book, The Casual Vacancy, you’re going to want to check out the three-part mini-seires that the BBC is airing later this month. And yes, never fear, there will be at least one familiar Harry Potter face around.

For those who haven’t yet checked out the book version of The Casual Vacancy, it is a complete 180 degree turn from the Wizarding World. It focuses on a small town in the UK that has to deal with a “casual vacancy” after one of their sitting town councilmen dies. While the town gears up to hold an election to fill the spot, all sorts of secrets start pouring out — and they’re all posted online, no less. It’s a far cry from communicating via owls.

The book also deals with social class issues, and drug abuse, so I wouldn’t suggest this reading for fostering your child-like wonder. Rowling told The New Yorker that it’s a “a comic tragedy,” since we’re bound to laugh at something but, “part of the point is that those decisions that are being made do dramatically affect people’s lives, up to life and death sometimes.” Heavy stuff.

The mini-series adaptation will start on February 15th and run through March 1st. Considering that the BBC has partnered with HBO for the production, hopefully it’ll find its way to that channel as well (no word yet on an air-date, though). If you can’t sit through anything Rowling without a little bit of an HP fix, Dumbledore himself, Michael Gambon, plays one of the townspeople.

You can watch the trailer here, and let us know if you’re going to schedule in a vacancy to check this out.

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