Jimmy Kimmel “hires” Doctor Strange for a children’s b-day party, and Happy Friday

Everybody loves some Doctor Strange, because come on, Benedict Cumberbatch! So when we heard the news from Entertainment Weekly that Jimmy Kimmel hired Doctor Strange for a kids’ birthday party, we started fangirling out BIG time. The international trailer for this movie gave us goosebumps, and it became glaringly obvious that no one wears a cape better than Cumberbatch. The ultimate superhero, you might say.

So, here’s what went down in the sketch with Kimmel.

The master of mystic arts arrived through a portal into the modern world, and let’s just say things got off to a rocky start with the host.

But after the caped crusader got settled in, he was ready to face the party with his best game-face.


"Show me the demons."

“Alright, here they are,” Kimmel says, revealing a group of kids embracing their sugar high. Yeah, kinda overwhelming. Doctor Strange handled it like the supernatural #BOSS he is though. He wielded his powers and gave the kids something to try and replicate for the rest of their lives.

Wherever Marcus ended up, we trust that his birthday was super special.

And um, just throwing it out there — we’d officially like Doctor Strange to attend our next dinner party.


Happy almost weekend, everybody!